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Snow Taradien
Snow Taradien

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PostSubject: Asayake   Asayake Icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 11:11 am

I have rated this story 14+ for Mature/Suggestive themes, Bad puns that may very well harm your very being, Cursing, High levels of violence, and a Vulpix who is very Passionate about those of the opposite sex.
I began writing this a month after it came out; each new chapter came with each part of the game based on my second play through. I have changed a lot from the original storyline, new sub-plots, new stories, new characters, and a lot of the existing characters have been changed. If you do not wish to partake in these shenanigans, please leave now and take your shenanigan frowning self to another fic. Also, good luck to anyone who figures out all the silly references. Mother is your clue.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Asayake
Chapter 1:
Pokémon World

I lay huddled in a slump on the damp grassy plain, I hear a voice calling out… but I cannot tell what it is they are trying to say, I am just lying here, half asleep, and for some reason, I am in much pain.
“Hey! Wake up!” that voice… it is getting louder…
“Please… wake up…”
I got up slowly, and looked around, only to find myself looking at a Charmander.
“That’s good! You’re awake, for a second there I didn’t think you were going to make it. That was an awful fall you had there.”
Quickly I jumped back,
“Y…You can talk?”
She looked at me funny,
“Well of course I can talk, I’m a regular Charmander, just like you are a regular, average, every day, run-of-the-mill Eevee.”
I looked at her funny,
“I'm not an Eevee, I’m a human!”
The Charmander looked at me as if I had completely lost my mind.
“A human? That doesn’t make much sense, not much sense at all to me, just look at yourself.”
Slowly and reluctantly I looked down only to see paws and fur, I looked in a nearby puddle, only confirming her assessment, I had been turned into an Eevee.
“No…That’s not possible! The last thing I remember was me, being a complete 100% bona-fied human, and now I'm a Pokémon!”
The Charmander walked over to me, and put out her hand.
“Well, whatever, my name is Lane, Lane the Charmander, and you are?”
I looked at her and shook her hand
“I’m Alexander, Chisholm.”
She twitched a bit when she heard me say my name, struggling to hold back her laughter, but eventually she just let go.
“Alexander! That’s a weird name! I like it!”

“Help! Someone please help me!” An awfully distressed Raichu ran toward us, yelling for help as loud as it possibly could. The Raichu kept running toward us and before we new what happened, crashed into me knocking me over stopping it in its tracks.
Lane helped it to its feet, “Are you alright?” she chuckled.
The Raichu looked distraught, and then sat down,
“I’m ok but I'm in desperate need of help, that tremor opened the ground up and my children fell in, I couldn’t do anything to help them, please help, they must be absolutely mortified by now!”
Lane looked at me, then looked back at the Raichu.
“Alright, we’ll help you, don’t worry about a single thing we’ll rescue your children and be back before you even notice were gone.”

The Raichu showed us the crevasse that had opened, and told us they had fallen down far into the pit. We descended into the crevasse, until we touched flat ground.
“Alright, lets see, this looks like a labyrinth, well, not quite, but it is a maze.” Lane walked into a narrow corridor, and came running out as fast as she could. I looked down the path finding myself looking at a herd of angry Nidoran.
“I'm a Pokémon right? So that means I can battle them!” I quickly rushed at the lead Nidoran, and tackled it as hard as I could, sending it flying into the group of Pokémon behind it knocking about three of them out, but more and more kept coming. I kept fighting them for about a minute, when Lane joined in.
“Ember!” Lane performed a successful ember attack, which rained little tiny balls of fire onto the herd of Nidoran, most of them ran away but two remained, one of them lunged at me, and struck me, I was hit hard but I was ok, the Nidoran rushed at me again, but this time I quickly jumped out of the way, before he had even realized what had just happened, he crashed into the wall and knocked himself out. Only one remained, but this one looked tougher than the others, quickly thinking, I ran behind him and tackled the Nidoran in the rear, it startled him and made him jump forward; Lane seized the moment, rushed at the Nidoran and performed the metal claw technique, sending him into the wall knocking him out.
“Well that was a workout” I mumbled. We then noticed a small set of stairs that had been created by the falling rocks, so I decided to walk down them, Lane followed closely behind me. When we got to the bottom, we found ourselves in a wide open area, but still no Pichu or Pikachu to be found, anywhere, that is, until we walked over to a bush in the centre of the area, sure enough, we found three Pichu and one Pikachu, huddled together trembling behind the bush quickly we rounded them all up and led them safely out of the crevasse.

When we got back to the surface, we found the Raichu pacing back and forth in anticipation. The children ran out from behind us to their mother, whose face immediately changed from an expression of fear, to happiness.
“I can’t thank you enough! I know that nothing I could do, or give, could ever be enough to repay you but, I do have something. The Raichu pulled out a pouch and dropped some berries out in front of us.
“It’s not much, but please take it, it’s the best I can do.”
I picked up the berries and turned to Lane, then turned back to the Raichu
“Thank you very much.”

“Well, it seems that you don’t have a place to stay tonight, so why don’t you come back with me?” I stopped for a moment, and decided, that it would be the best thing to do, so off we were. We continued walking through the forest, which seemed to go on forever, until we found a small clearing, with a pond in it, I walked over to the water and looked at my reflection, then I noticed a cloth stuck to a branch of a tree, in the reflection that had been cast upon the water. I tackled the tree knocking it loose; it fell on top of me and covered me up.
“Oh it seems you found a pecha scarf, well that’s good.” Lane walked over to me, and tied it around my neck, it was surprisingly warm, considering how small and thin it actually was. We resumed walking towards the exit of the forest, but we were getting nowhere fast, it felt like this forest would never end, eventually the sun began to set, so we set up camp at the next clearing we found, and started a fire to keep us warm through the night. I sat down with lane and began to gaze out into the night sky; every star looked perfect in its place, shimmering like a diamond, and the full moon, glowed with a pleasant aura.

I began to sing while I was looking out at the moonlit sky, singing a song that had just come in to my mind, although, it gave me a sense of nostalgia, as if I were remembering it.
“I believe the morning sun always gonna shine again and I believe a pot of gold waits at every rainbow's end I believe in roses kissed with dew why shouldn't I believe the same in you? I believe in make-believe fairy tales and lucky charms and I believe in promises spoken as you cross your heart I believe in skies forever blue why shouldn't I believe the same in you? You may say I'm a fool feelin' the way that I do...”
I stopped singing, I felt strange singing it, almost sad, but at the same time I felt happy. Lane looked at me strangely, “What song is that?”
I looked back at her
“I don’t quite know… it just came to me, but somehow it feels like a memory.”
She looked up at the moon and the many silver stars with me long into the night. Eventually she drifted off to sleep, I covered her up with my pecha scarf, it wasn’t much but it was enough to keep her warm long after the fire died out, I walked to a spot under a tree, then looked out at the moon once more. I then went to sleep, waiting for a bright new day.
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Snow Taradien
Snow Taradien

Male Number of posts : 1594
Age : 25
Location : On the Scarred wasteland that is Terrago.
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PostSubject: Re: Asayake   Asayake Icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 6:38 pm

Chapter 2:
Pokémon Square, is actually pretty round.

I woke up next morning to the sound of wind, blowing through the trees around me. As I awoke, I took a look around. The sun was shining beautifully, illuminating the entire area with a sort of, glow, yes, Morning glow… that was the only thing I can say that would describe it. I soon found out that Lane had already woken up, and was waiting for me to wake up myself.
“Oh you’re up! ‘Bout time.” She said walking over to me.
“Yeah I’m up… So where to from here?” I asked as she came to my side.
“I went ahead earlier; we are just outside of town. So the moment you’re ready we’ll go back into town.” Lane said with a smile. She seemed very happy.
“Alright then… What are we waiting for? LET’S GO!” I exclaimed trying to hold back my excitement.
At that moment we began our trek, it wasn’t very long till we had left the forest and entered town.
“Welcome to Pokémon square! I’ll show you around.” She told me as we walked through the bustling square, which quite frankly was more closely related to a different shape…
“Ok, here you’ll find many stores and the like… For example, there is Persian bank, the greatest bank in the entire world! They have never lost a single coin.”
“Hey… the person running the store… Why are they wearing clothes?” I inquired quietly.
“Huh? Oh!” Lane broke out into an uncontrollable laughter.
“What’s so funny?” I asked, now slightly annoyed.
“That’s Persian… His real name is Jonathan, but for some reason he prefers to be called Persian… He’s a bit eccentric, in that he believes that everyone should wear clothes, because it’s apparently ‘Gross, rude, and indecent’ Not to. Personally I think he wears clothes because he’s ashamed.” Lane said, with a bit of a chuckle.
“Ashamed? Why?”
“I believe it’s to hide the fact that he has a really REALLY small p-“ Lane was cut off by someone calling to us.

“HEY LANE! YOU’RE BACK!” The Torchik yelled to us, “Who’s your friend?”
“OH HI!” She said as she gave the Torchik a hug. “Alexander this is Eloise, but we all call her Elle. Elle this is Alexander, we met out in the forest. He was the ‘thing’ that had fallen off the cliff.”

“OMIGOSH! Are you alright?!” She shouted frantically, sounding very worried.
I paused for a moment, to let this all sink in,
“Yes I’m fine.” I said.

“Anyway Elle, what do you have to tell us?” Lane asked.

“Persian has himself a new Bow-Tie!” Elle said laughing.
“Let’s go see!” Lane said as she grabbed hold of me and began running.

Upon reaching the bank, and seeing Persian, I began to feel very confused. What? I thought to myself.
“Mr. Persian sir. Why is it that you are wearing clothes?” I asked him.
“Because, quite simply! It is Gross, Rude, and Indecent not to! And I suggest you wear clothes yourself! Unless of course… You want the ladies scoping out your hind-quarters and the nether-regions about them…” Persian quickly responded.
Upon hearing this I jumped!
“WH…WHAT?! NO!” I immediately began running in circles, attempting to catch a glance at “Myself”.
Lane quickly stopped me,
“Hahahahaha… Don’t worry, we aren’t perverts… well… except for that weird Vivian by Whiscash pond…” I quickly calmed down.
“Still…” I said uneasy.
“Anyway, for the rest of those in town, they are all regulars at the restaurant to the south, owned by Eddie, the Honchcrow.
“Eddie?” I wondered aloud.
“Yup, Nice guy, works a little too hard if you ask me, the restaurant closes on Sundays and Wednesdays, so it’s a little slower in town then.”

“Now let’s see, other important people… Ah, over there! That’s Kes and Kas, the twin Keckleons. They run a shop in town, and own a small chain of stores in surrounding towns and areas called K’s Mart. Kes is quiet and reserved, while Kas is loud and pushy, oddly enough, Kes is in charge behind the scenes. Directly south of that is Kangeskhan storage. Auntie Kangeskhan is the name she goes by, she has many secrets, including her real name, but there is no one I can trust more. Over there to the east of Kangeskhan storage is the Gulpin link shop. They use link box technology to enhance moves and skills… quite frankly… to tell you the truth, I don’t get it at all. Hmmm, and north of that is… odd… Rena seems to be out today… she’s a Wigglytuff and owns and rents out friend areas, as she calls them, she’ll tell you more about that tomorrow if she’s back. Lastly is the Pelliper post office, their friendly staff is always ready to help you learn about things, share stories, or deliver mail. In fact, regardless of weather, they will always get you your mail. As for me… I’m starting my own rescue team.”

“Rescue team?” I asked still trying to process all that she just said.
“Well yeah, with all the disasters lately, Pokémon have begun to band together and rescue others. They become a rescue team. Well… want to join my team? You need at least two members to make it an official team.”
“Yes! That sounds fun.”
“Great! But we need a name…” She said, looking kind of sad, “I can’t think of one.”
“Hmmm… what about Team Returners?”
“THAT’S AN AWESOME NAME! RIGHT ON! Well I’m going to be at Eddie’s for a while, so I can sign us up. So it’s your turn to have a look around, come find me if you need me later on. Ok?”
“Yes.” I nodded.

I soon found myself walking in circles, looking at the various houses and shops. I heard shouting coming from the other side of the square, so naturally, I ran to see what had happened. Much to my surprise, I had seen an Ekans, a Medicham, and a Gengar pestering a frightened Squirtle.

“Please! Leave me alone!” It pleaded.
“Come on kid. You owe us.” The Gengar said apparently angry.

I jumped in between them,
“Leave them alone!” I Shouted.
“And who are you to tell us what to do?” It replied.
“You heard me.” I said beginning to feel slightly aggravated myself.
“Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” It said in reply.
“It doesn’t matter!” I shouted again, getting angrier.”
“Get lost kid, before you get hurt. Team Meanies has discovered that this little dirt has not only violated our space, but stolen some berries from us! Now he’s going to be punished!”
“No joke.” It said completely blank faced. It was dead serious.
“I’m part of a rescue team to and I’m obligated to protect others!” I said in reply.
“So, what are you getting at?” The Medicham said.
“I mean that I’m going to protect them, even if it means I have to fight you!”
The three burst out into laughter.
“You’re kidding right?” The ekans asked still laughing uncontrollably.
“I’m dead serious.”
Gengar’s expression changed,
“Ekans, deal with this punk.”
“My pleasssssure.” It said, slithering towards me.
Quickly thinking I jumped behind him and tackled him. Luckily for me, he hit his head on a rock and knocked himself out. Medicham picked me up, I couldn’t escape. Gengar pulled his arm back, forming a fist. This was it. Before my life as a Pokémon began, it was about to end. Then… something amazing happened.
“Enough” An unknown voice said, “This has gone on long enough. Release him, and let them both leave.
“Ugegegehegegegegegege?! YOU! Grrrrr… Fine… Medicham grab Ekans, we’re getting out of here.” Gengar said sputtering.
Upon hitting the ground, I laid my eyes upon the person who stopped the attack, to my surprise, it was a Riolu with a very intimidating and disproportionate voice.
“Hello?” I said getting up.
“HELLO!” He smiled at me as he spoke.
“Thank you, for saving me.” I said, bowing my head, ashamed at my loss.
“No problem, maybe you can tell me how to get to, the post office as thanks.” The Riolu asked.
“Oh, um… It’s down this road, take a turn at the Gulpin link shop, and walk up the hill, you can’t miss it.”
“Thanks!” He said very happily. He went off on his way, and I turned to the squirtle.
“Th… Thank you… I’m sorry… but I can’t give you anything… I don’t have anything left, they took it all…”

“Don’t worry, I don’t need a reward, I wasn’t much help as it was, you should go on home, I don’t think they’ll be back for a while.”
“Th… THANK YOU!!! I won’t ever forget this!” And with that said, he ran off.

As I walked back through town, I met up with Lane, she seemed flustered, but relieved to see me. She came up and slapped me across the face.
“You could have been killed! What were you thinking? Taking on GENGAR?! DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH?!” She was screaming at me.

“Don’t worry Lane, I’m alright.”
“Still, you’re coming with me. There are some people I would like you to meet.” She led me through town, to a small run-down building with an old illegible sign out-front.
“Welcome to Eddie’s! Come on in!”
Once inside I seen all sorts of Pokémon and in the centre of the group was a massive Honchcrow.
“Eddie! This is Alexander!” Lane said to the group. The Honchcrow stepped forward, and began to speak,
“I am Eddie. Pleased to meet you sir.”

An Umbreon also stepped forward and began to speak.
“So, you’re the kid who stood up to team meanies all by himself… Yeah word spreads fast.”
“Gengar and company.” He said.
“Yeah so?” I said with a tinge of sarcasm.
“You’ve got balls kid. Bigger ones than me, that’s for sure… either that or you’re just stupid.”
I Blushed.
“Seriously kid! That was brave, incredibly stupid, but brave nonetheless. You have my respect for that.
My face turned bright red.
“That’s enough Leo. You’re embarrassing the poor boy.”
“Aww… Alright, by the way kid, I’m Leo if you didn’t figure that out yet.”
“Want anything to eat? Maybe a drink?” Eddie asked.
“Yes please! I’m starving.” I said quickly.
“Help yourself then!” He said with a grin as he set several plates of food out.
As I began to eat, Eddie began to introduce the others.
Marcus the Meowth. He was blind in his left eye. Isabel the Raichu. I met her and her children the day before. Bill the Scyther. He didn’t say much.
After hours of talking and eating, Lane and I went back to town, she showed me to her home, which became our team base. It became apparent to me very soon… that this was the beginning of our adventure.
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Snow Taradien
Snow Taradien

Male Number of posts : 1594
Age : 25
Location : On the Scarred wasteland that is Terrago.
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PostSubject: Re: Asayake   Asayake Icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 6:39 pm

Chapter Three:
The Adventure begins.

I slept well that night; I caught glimpses of a strange flickering body and an odd voice in my dream, but dismissed it immediately. I awoke to find that Lane was already up, working on a notebook, and holding onto a toolbox.

“Good morning!” I spoke to her with a smile on my face.
“Oh! Hello! You’re up… Bout time.” She smiled back.
“What is that you’ve got there?” I asked it was curious to me.

She paused for a moment, then looked about, realizing what I was talking about she began talking again… I guess long winded explanations are just her thing…
“Oh, this is our log book, that’s basically a diary, or journal, or what we’ve done as a rescue team. It should include records, names of Members, and things we’ve done. As well, it includes Rank Information, date of Rescue Team creation, and team leader’s info. Those are our rescue team supplies. Lastly, here is your badge. This states that we are an official Normal Rank rescue team.”

“So were official?”

She nearly exploded, she seemed very excited.

We then heard a loud crashing noise coming from outside… and went to check it out. We found ourselves looking at a magnemite floating near the ground.
“Hello?” I said questioningly.

“Are you Alexander?!” It seemed to say in a booming mechanical voice.
“Finally! Mrs. Rai recommended you, I need you to help me and my friends! They are in serious trouble!”

He paused and turned around.
“They’re stuck in Thunder-Wave cave, I’ll show you the way!”
“Already a mission?! Come on Alexander! Let’s do this!”

“Follow me. Quickly.”

Meanwhile, in a cold snowy forest…

“Hmmm…” The first said, pausing only for a moment, “The disasters are becoming more destructive as of late… a great shift in the balance of this world has occurred. This seems to be more than just Abosura.”

“Perhaps many forces are to blame.”
“No… I’m sure it’s a single force, a single entity. A living being caused this imbalance. That being sparked the beginning of a cataclysm.”

“How? You believe it has finally come to fruition?”
“Most definitely, I will scout the forest and consult the others.”

“Then I will await your return.”

“Is that the cave up ahead?” I questioned.
“Yes, this is it.” They quickly replied.
“Let’s go then!” Lane said without hesitation.

We walked into the mouth of the cave, and immediately I realized why magnemite had so much trouble! The entire cave was magnetized, keeping the toolbox from being pulled away from us, was a feat in itself.

We realized that the deeper we went the harder it became to move. Irregardless, we pressed on. Eventually reaching a dead end… We wondered, what was happening, but we figured out rather quickly that we were completely surrounded. About six Electrike and one Manectric had snuck up behind us! Neither of us even noticed them! We turned to face them, and knew then and there, we were in for quite a fight.

“Now… Let’s not be too hasty here…” I said looking at the leader who seemed absolutely pissed at our being here.
The Electrike began whispering back and forth, then the leader turned around and Howled at them, seemingly telling them to leave… If that’s what they did men, it sure seemed to work… because they ran faster than a Hungry Munchlax running after some cake. The leader began charging up electrical energy…
“If I didn’t know better I’d say he was going to attack us.” Lane Said.
“I think he is! Run!”
We tried running, but we could barely make a walking pace! The Energy of the cave held us so firmly to the ground we couldn’t move! We were sitting Pelliper!

“I don’t think we can run Alexander.”
“NO REALLY!?” I said sarcastically, frantically trying to move myself from this place.
“Think of something Lane!” I yelled to her.
She yawned and proceeded to opening the toolbox, she pulled out a blue ball.
She threw it at the Manectric, and he disappeared.
“Wha…What did you just do?”
“A Warp orb. It works every time.”
“The tool Kit… What else is in there?
“Just this all mach orb and some novelty glasses… Not sure what for… some berries too…”
“All Mach orb? What is an Orb anyway?”
“An orb is a special Item, nobody knows how they really work, we just know that they were created by a Pokémon called Mewtwo. You can tell which one is which by the small design on the bottom of the sphere.”
“The all Mach or allows all Pokémon within a certain distance of the orb top move at three times their normal speed.”
“Huh? Why would I want to do that?”
“To compensate for the added weight from the dungeon.”
“Makes perfect sense!” She held it out in front of her then we began glowing with an eerie light. We could move again! In no time, we were at the bottom of the dungeon, and where the two magnemite were stuck together.
“Help!” The two said in unison.
“How do we get back out?”
“We have one more orb, five of them to be exact… It’s called an escape orb. It allows us to be sent back to the base!”
“Ah! Good!”

She pulled out the Orb and threw it at the ground; suddenly a white light filled the cavern and the next thing we knew we were outside the dungeon.
The third magnemite met up with the other two, who had now separated from each other.

“Thank you muchly.”

“Always glad to be of service.” We returned to the base, and got a good nights rest, today was a good first day, as an official rescue team.
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Snow Taradien
Snow Taradien

Male Number of posts : 1594
Age : 25
Location : On the Scarred wasteland that is Terrago.
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PostSubject: Re: Asayake   Asayake Icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 6:39 pm

Chapter Four:
The Enigmatic Vivian

That morning, from the moment I woke up, I knew the day would be strange. When Lane and I walked from our base to the square we noticed a trail of puddles leading to Whiscash pond. It seemed that it was the Squirtle from before. He was trying to use water gun, but was failing. Miserably. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one from the other day.
“Kuheheheheheh… If it isn’t that Squirtle again it’s that dumbass Eevee.” Gengar said with the same stupid grin.
“You! It’s you again!”
“Did you miss me?”
“I’ve gotten a lot stronger since last time, I won’t lose again.” I said trying to seem tough.
“Oh really?”
“Alexander! You idiot! Shut up! Let’s just leave already.” Lane angrily said to me.
“I can’t leave. I’ve got a score to settle.”
“Not here you don’t, hot stuff.” An unfamiliar voice spoke from behind me.
All of us immediately turned to see who it was.
“Ah! Vivian!” Lane said surprised.
“It’s been a while, hasn’t it Lane?”
“Yes, yes it has”
“Now Gengar… You remember the rules don’t you?”

“Refresh my memory.”

“Ok then…” She spoke softly, then drew in a large breath, “GET OUT OF WHISCASH POND WHILE I’M HERE BECAUSE IT’S MY PLACE! NO ONE ELSES! Except of course Whiscash… BUT STILL! GET LOST OR I’LL FRY YOUR ASS! LEAVE!” She shouted angrily at Gengar.
“No one tells me what to do. I’ll stay here if I want. Besides… It’s not like you or your pathetic buddies can do anything about it!”
Medicham and Ekans who seemed to appear as if from nowhere

She looked absolutely terrifying!
Fire began to form up around her.

“Fire Blast!” She called out.
Then Flame shot from her mouth like a cannon!
Upon contacting Gengar he the flames spread out, he and the other two were sent up into the air on a pillar of flame, then sent flying into the distance.

He shouted as he flew away, “Why do I get the feeling I’ve done this millions of times befooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee?”
*Ping* He disappeared along with the other two, as a single glint on the sky.

We turned to the now calm Vulpix.
“So you’re Vivian?”
“Yup! That’s me! And you are…?”
“I’m Alexander.” I said.
“Nice to meet you Hot Stuff.”

“I met him a couple days ago Vivian.”
“Aww… so he isn’t up for grabs… But he looks so cute!”
“Huh? Me? No way!”
“Modest too!”

“Now don’t you go getting any ideas.”
“Aww… Oh well… anyway, I’ll be here if you need me.”

“Oh my! I almost forgot! I ordered something else when we signed up! I’m supposed to pick it up at the post office today! Come on Alexander.”

“See you all again some time soon I hope.”
We turned around and began walking away when Vivian stopped us.
“Nice package you got there hot stuff.”

“Huh? Package? But we haven’t gone to the post office yet…”
She laughed, Lane laughed a little too, but then put on a scornful face.
“Come on can’t a girl try?” Vivian asked.
“Not with him; no.” Lane scolded.
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Snow Taradien
Snow Taradien

Male Number of posts : 1594
Age : 25
Location : On the Scarred wasteland that is Terrago.
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PostSubject: Re: Asayake   Asayake Icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 6:40 pm

Chapter Five

After returning from our trip to the post office, we felt the ground being forced up from below us, and a Dugtrio popped out.
“You are team returners correct?” It said staring at us intently.
“Yes? Why?” I questioned in return.
At this, is sunk down, and took in a deep breath, the next thing I knew it was shouting so loud I could barely understand it.
“Help please! Mrs. Rai said you would be able to help me! My child has been kidnapped!”

Immediately we jumped back in astonishment, as the Dugtrio continued to speak,
“It was Skarmory! She stole my son right from me! Before my very eyes!”

And as usual, as if rehearsed, before I got a chance to respond, Lane accepted the trouble.
Consequently, I decided to ask her a question.
“How do you know we can do it?” I whispered, “Skarmory is a powerful Pokémon!”
Then just as expected, she came up with an answer, pulling a chart as if from nowhere, she began another long winded explanation.

“Ok, this is very simple! I am here: A fire type!” she said pointing to a small red circle, “And Skarmory is here! Under Steel, and flying! Now, as stated in this chart, Skarmory, being steel, is weak to me, being fire. But has an advantage over you, considering you are type normal, and he is type flying, as well as steel. So, if you stay back in the fight and help protect me while I maintain the offensive, we can win no problem. Okay?”
Even though I didn’t completely understand, I had understood enough to know what she meant, thusly I nodded.

“They are at the top of mount steel… Please hurry…” The Dugtrio then disappeared under ground.

“Let’s go then Alexander! I know a shortcut, so we can be there in less than an hour!”

We arrived as quickly as lane said we would, reaching a large mountain covered in a shimmering metallic substance.
“What is that shiny stuff?” I asked, as my curiosity knew no bounds, I said this as I reached out to touch it.
Lane swatted my paw away from it and lectured me, “Never touch that stuff! It can cause you to lose your mind!”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, there so begins a meeting of great importance. In the frosted forest there are nine guardians, leaders of different regions of the world. The guardian of this region called upon the other leaders; those leaders are guardians chosen by the population of each region. They few are these: Asayake - An Absol, Kei - A Keckleon, Arika - A Wigglytuff, Ryu - A Riolu, Betebeton - A Grimer, Floch - A Wingull, Kurai – An Umbreon, Odio – A Typhlosion, and Aeo – A Pidgeot.

It is these few that make the great decisions in each of the regions; this is one of those meetings spoken of,
“I have called this meeting to order, because of the increasing amount of disasters as of late.” said the Absol in lead of the group. “You would know that, wouldn’t you harbinger?” The Keckleon said in quick response. This sparked the inquisitive nature of the Wingull, who in turn asked his question,
“What do you mean by that exactly?” It said softly to the Keckleon, and seconds later the Keckleon, in the same monotonous sarcastic tone, answered; “You should know by now, everyone should! It is well known fact that doom falls in the footsteps of those beasts.”
The Absol grunted, and was about to say something when Ryu began to speak. “Kei, you’re unwarranted prejudice is thick enough to drown someone. You should know better.” Then the Absol too took his chance,
“Indeed master Kei, we have been over this time and time again, however perhaps your young mind prevents you from learning this? First, Absol do not cause disasters, Abosura does. Besides, even Abosura could not cause disasters of this magnitude…
I trust you have all heard the legend of Ninetails?”

The others gasped in astonishment at this suggestion, “Are you proposing that…?” and “You really believe that?” was heard coming from all directions.
Then Absol sighed, and began speaking once more, “Yes, I do. The worlds balance has fallen so far, it has fallen beyond all other possible causes. It is too much.”
This statement was followed by a nod of agreement from Ryu, “I see…” he said.
Then suddenly a loud scream came, followed by another nonsensical rant from Kei, “You Lie! Lying cheating scoundrel, you’re trying to pin the blame on a myth rather than take the blame upon your self and your kind as you and I know you should.”
The Absol looked saddened at this remark, “Kei…” he said softly.
Ryu looked angrily at Kei, “Kei! That was out of line! Completely out of line!” and thusly, Kei had more to say, digging himself a deeper hole.
“Humph! You’re one to talk! You think you’re so much better than the rest of us!”

At that moment, Arika had had enough, she walked up to Kei and slapped him across the face, “SHUT UP!” she shouted at him, “YOU’RE ALWAYS SO NEGATIVE!”

The Keckleon was startled by this, “I…I…I…I…I…Arika?! You would do such a thing in their defense?!” She sighed and began lecturing him on how he talked too much, taking the time, Asayake once more began speaking, “So, I assume that the rest of you agree then? These disasters are the product of a greater force than the normal causes for such events. I am correct in this assumption yes?” Immediately, with the exception of Arika and, Kei who was still being lectured by Arika, all the other guardians nodded, and let out a simultaneous, “Yes”.
Shortly after, the group dispersed, leaving for their respective lands.

Lane and I had been climbing the mountain for some time now, eventually nearing the peak. Upon reaching the top we found Diglett, he was scared out of his mind, I would be too! If I had a half crazed bird circling over-head that is. However our calm didn’t last long, for as soon as we arrived, Skarmory had spotted us, and swooped down attacking us. It then began a rant, throwing completely random phrases together in a random order.
“Electronic brain waffle berry pancake! It lights up the room with a mountain of blarf! It’s utter nonsense how you keep on lamenting about my mango! What is love?! Baby don’t hurt me!” It jumped at us, and attacked!

Thusly, a battle ensued, the Skarmory charged at us blindly, but we were ready for the attack; I jumped to the side, and Lane jumped straight up, using her flamethrower technique to propel herself higher into the air. She then came down on the Skarmory with a heavy kick to the back of the neck, followed by a metal claw technique. Instantly, as if nothing had happened to the Skarmory, it spun around and slashed at Lane with one of her blade like wings; Lane was struck by the side of the wing, fortunately escaping the deadly edge. I helped Lane up, and stood in front of her protecting her from another attack, but she pushed me out of the way and tried using an ember attack, but to no avail, it was blocked and then she was tackled by the Skarmory.

Lane slipped and fell off the side, holding onto the ledge for dear life.
“Help!” She screamed to me.
Skarmory hopped over and was about to peck her hands to make her fall to an untimely demise, but I wouldn’t let that happen! I tackled the crazed bird off of the ledge and put a paw out to aid lane, she grabbed on and I pulled as hard as I could, I tripped on a small stone and ended up throwing her into the air, pulling her over me.
As she fell onto me, our lips met, surprising us both, she immediately sat straight up, blushed and looked away; I looked away, and blushed as well.
We laughed and got up off of each other, only to find Skarmory getting ready for round two!

This time, Lane and I worked together; she moved left and right weaving in and out to distract the Skarmory while I got myself ready. I crouched down, and sprung forward with all the strength in my body, forcing myself towards the Skarmory at a high speed. It seen me and turned to stop me, when Lane seen her chance, she seized the moment, pulled in a deep breath, then I crashed into the Skarmory, sending it flying towards the flamethrower. Lane had just unleashed. This completely knocked it out cold, Lane and I ran to the edge to see if we could help Diglett, when I collapsed. Apparently the blade edge of the wing had sliced my right front shoulder, I was able to move but when it came the pain came as an unexpected shock. Still I forced myself up and looked about. That was when we seen a pair of Magnemite floating towards us.
“NEED SOME HELP?” They said in the regular booming voice.

“Yes actually!” Lane called to them; and after some explaining to each other about why they were their, the Magnemite helped us rescue Diglet from its perilous perch upon the precipice, soon we returned home to rest well.
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PostSubject: Re: Asayake   Asayake Icon_minitimeTue Dec 02, 2008 6:41 pm

Chapter Six
Mixed Feelings

The next morning I woke to find Lane, sitting outside all by herself, looking rather lonely, and sad.
“Lane… If its about what happened yesterday, I…”
“Oh…” She blushed
“I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”
“No… don’t be sorry… I…”
“…Never mind I actually think I liked it” she whispered, too softly for me to make out what she said, moving on I got straight to the point.

“So, what should we do today?” I asked cheerfully, trying to make her seem a little happier.
“Actually; could we spend the day here today? I don’t exactly feel like going on a rescue today.”
“Oh… Okay then? You go ahead then; I’ll get some more sleep first, and join up with you later.”
“Okay, good… I need to do some errands anyway, so that’s a good thing, thanks Alexander.”

“No problem!” I thought to myself.

She left and went to town, heading to Eddie’s; she heard shouting and seen Gengar being thrown out.
“And stay out you ungrateful thief!” yelled Eddie, who seemed to be having quite a fit.
“Ugehgehgehgeh…” Gengar sputtered, as lane walked by him, stepping in to find a seemingly tired Eddie. He let out a great heaving sigh and sat down.
“Something wrong Eddie?”
“It’s that Gengar! He wouldn’t pay up; and he wouldn’t have payed either had I not knocked him about a little.”

“How bout you? Something wrong with you today lane? You seem kind of distant…” Eddie said to Lane, in a now calm tone.
Lane quickly opened up to Eddie, as she usually did when she had a problem,
“Yesterday…” she paused, Tell me Eddie; have you ever had feelings for someone else?”
“Well that depends, what feelings do you mean Lane? Lustful, Affectionate, Hating, Spiteful…?”
“Affection, like you can live without them.”
“You… I knew it would happen eventually, you are getting older after all, so who is it? The object of your affection?”

“He’s… it’s… Perhaps I should just start at the beginning…”

Meanwhile, I was has having problems of my own. I slept and began a dream… In it I was bathed in the most beautiful and calming light I had ever seen. I hear a quiet, serene voice resonating in my ears. I see a figure, then I woke up… Just like the past three nights. Still was I unable to find the figure meeting me. Irrigardless I was awake and alert, and it seemed Lane had returned.
“Glad to see you awake!” She said smiling, looking much happier, and much renewed she told me that we were invited to a new restaurant that had opened up. Intrigued by the news and promise of food I joined Lane and went to the new place.
It apparently had been built in two days, located south of town was a small building which had a sign with the words “Ryu’s Noodle Hut” written in Bright Red letters.

Upon entering the building, I was startled to find the lights dimmed and the place empty, then suddenly they came on and everyone jumped out! A surprise party… that almost made me jump through the roof!

A welcoming party celebrating Lane and I, our continued achievements as a new rescue team, here we were presented with a bronze rank badge!

“You earned it, as an executive agent of the rescue team association I have the privilege and honour of presenting you with this badge, May your friendship guide you and your strength carry you to even greater heights. With Iron resolve, stand tall and true. Fear not in the face of danger. This is the way of a true rescue team.”
After the quick celebration we all ate and talked among each other for some time. After it was all over Lane and I returned home, full, and happy.
That night however, I had the dream again. This time, something was different, I began to see a body fading in and out of view, and just as I was about to talk to them, I was rudely awakened by a call of distress, and a commotion, coming from outside…
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