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 I just noticed a great flaw in my way of writting

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PostSubject: I just noticed a great flaw in my way of writting   Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:19 am

First of all, NO, it is NOT that it sucks ¬_¬.

My problem is that I writte "ass-long" phrases without ever finishing them. The ammount of "points per word" in my text must be something like "1 point for each 500000000000 words".
People usually complain about this when I write in Spanish, but I don't pay attention because I'm egocentric and I tend to ignore critism. Some critism gets ignored even when it's c+c!
So yeah, on my home-lenguage people have a hard time understanding me... so I can only imagine that in english it gets even worse.

Not only because I do write complicated phrases, but because English-speaking people are used to reading brief and completed phrases. That's right, you usually don't allow yourself to use an uneccesary amount of words, which leads to what I said before.
Therefore, for you to understand me should be like living hell... I'm sorry guys, I really try to write an easy-comprehensible english.
It's just that... it's not my strongest skill. Sweat Drop
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I just noticed a great flaw in my way of writting
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