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 NeoDammerai Langauage system *New*

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NeoDammerai Langauage system *New* Empty
PostSubject: NeoDammerai Langauage system *New*   NeoDammerai Langauage system *New* Icon_minitimeSat Nov 29, 2008 10:00 pm

If you read Scars you would know, that the NeoDammerai have a complex system of writing and such along with a complex hierachy system,
anyways I'll update this with more crap but for now its a WIP.

NeoDammerian Hierachy system:

Imperalix:Highest rank in the NeoDammerian Government, the Imperialix is watches over all of the NeoDammerian lands and has high magical powers and is extremmly powerful in his own right.
Unlike most Neodammerai, his skin is a pure white and he also has a set of four arms and which glow a saphire blue. He also can float in midair, and has no need of walking. He pocesses 3 eyes each a different color; Left: Red Right: Blue Center: Yellow His head quills are also extremely long and float fliud over his body.

Prouotek is The Councilor of War and Defense, the Proutek's job is maintain magangement over the NeoDammerian Army and deal and with War strategems, he is also incharge of weapon control and police ideals. Overall the Proutek's main job is to protect the people and ensure peace throught the land. He is the highest War ranked official, and is a masterful warrior.
His skin is red and he is represented by said color.

Isuotek: is Counclor of Science and Technology, and is the Chief Alchemist, he watches over all technolical discoveries and sciences within the Neodammerian society. His intellect is superior to all other NeoDammerian scholars, his skin is Blue and is repesented by said color.

Wyuetek:is the Concilor of Economy and History, and manages all the all the economic status of the land, he aslo is incharge of the chronicles of the city and people. His skin is Yellow and he pocessess a great wisdom of the city. and society.

Lower ranks:

Dai Exozenu: High General, there are a total of 5 Dai Exozen's in NeoDammerian in the NeoDammerian army.

Exozenu: General

Irukeni: Commander

Zekin: Liutenuant


Gizzai: Technology Profressor

Biozagek: Doctor-Surgeon

Nagiruio: Alchemist


Khrozex: Chronocler, Libarian

Missade: Tax Collector

NeoDammerian Alphabet:

NeoDammerai Langauage system *New* Ndalph10

Thats all I have so far.

Coming soon:

-NeoDammerian Archetecture
-NeoDammerian Currency
-NeoDammerian Weaponary
-NeoDammerian Geography
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Eriko Hemming
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NeoDammerai Langauage system *New* Empty
PostSubject: Re: NeoDammerai Langauage system *New*   NeoDammerai Langauage system *New* Icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 7:08 am

How did you deside on how to make the letters

and how are these colored leaders desided ,Were they born with certain colors or do they change to fit their rank

( Sorry I just want to know as much as I can about NeoDammerian and other species )
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NeoDammerai Langauage system *New*
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