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 From Dawn till Dusk 2...

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PostSubject: From Dawn till Dusk 2...   Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:38 pm

Yeah, it's an okay movie. Low budget, but it has some decent actors in it.
It starts off well enough -- 5 criminals reunite to rob a bank.
Here's the catch -- vampirism is thrown into the mix.
You think that would be the highlight of the movie, but that's actually when it starts to suck big time.
I blame christian influence.
Every time someone pulls a cross they start reeling from it like poison, but it's not just a silver cross. It's anything shaped like a cross.
Fucking retarded, according to this movie I could keep a vampire back by making a cross with my fingers and keeping them back with my water bottle.
And of course, typically, the bible repels them.
Absolutely killed it at the end with all the christian imagery and superstitious crap.
The first half is good, but the end is really good for a cheap laugh.

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From Dawn till Dusk 2...
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