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Eriko Hemming
Eriko Hemming

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PostSubject: Poems   Poems Icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 6:58 am

Told my self I would never do it but ... oh well

I had to write something for a small school project *dealing with race* And I sort of liked it considering it took me out of what I'm confortable writting ( lol short though )

In Your eyes

In the time we live today, your eyes have judged me so,
In the life we see each day the hate begins to flow.

Some walk the earth without a care and try to do their worst,
Some run a path just fighting blind to gain the title, first.

I seem so different when you stare,probing through my mind,
I know you’ll try to change those ways but first you’ll have to find,
The greater person in yourself to better our mankind.


maybe more later
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