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 Saint's Tournament

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Snow Taradien
Snow Taradien

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PostSubject: Saint's Tournament   Saint's Tournament Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 8:54 pm

Saint's Tournament: U-Tech Mugen Battle


Snow Taradien

This is the year 2361, and people all over the world participate in the greatest game known to man. And with the enhancements by the multi billion dollar company, U-Tech Systems, it has become an integral part of everyday life, and even crime-stopping.
Today begins a tournament, to end all tournaments. The battle for supremacy in the Mugen Arena, has begun!

Sign Up Sheet:


Character Name:
Character Appearance:

You start of with 2000 Σ, [the currency of today's world], and can use that to Spend on your character.

Basic Character:
Cost: 1000
1000 HP
3000 PL
10000 Distributable Points

Technical Character:
Cost: 1800
700 HP
5000 PL
15000 Distributable Points

Scratch Character:
Cost: 2000
0 HP
0 PL
30000 Distributable Points

Forbidden Character:

God Upgrade:

Orochi Upgrade:

Dark Upgrade:
Add 3000 PL

Evil Upgrade:
Add 1000 DP, Plus 500 PL

Rare Upgrade:
Locked + Reserved for Storyline puproses

Other Upgrades and 'EQUIPS' Will be added on the begin date, sign up now as I'm only taking at most 16 players.

Decent Skills
Complete literacy, Minor errors are fine, but continued grammar issues, will get you a ban from this RP
Good Sportsmanship

Answered Questions and in depth Explanations:
Kyzak wrote:
Explain the stats themselves and the stat system, DP usage for each point, etc and we can get this show on the road.
Ok, an explanation:

HP: This is how much HP or Hit Points your character has, hit zero, and it's game over.
PL: Power Level, this is self explanitory, this is used for super moves and use of super moves deplete this
ATK: The Strength of your character
DEF: The Defense of Your Character
Damage Calculation: Subtract def from atk, for the strength of the attack, add ATK stat ON TOP of any supers performed
DGE: Your characters ability to dodge, if your character's dodge plus speed surpasses the aim of your opponant, plus a mathematical equation, you dodge the attack
SPD: The Speed of your Character
AIM: The accuracy of your character, remember, to ensure no autohitting, the person being attack is the decider via the below instructions
Instructions for dodging:
Equation: AIM + SPD of attacker - DGE + SPD of defender
Place the final equate number between the * and the ) in the below code and paste it into your URL Bar.
For example: javascript:alert(Math.ceil(Math.random()*2903))
DP: DP, can be used to add to any stat as you see fit, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PL, the only time this is allowed is on a scratch character.

Distributable points conversion chart:

HP: 300 DP = 100 Points
ATK: 200 DP = 50 Points
DEF: 200 DP = 50 Points
DGE: 100 DP = 50 Points
SPD: 100 DP = 50 Points
AIM: 100 DP = 50 Points

Hakker wrote:
Soo, this is stat based...

... Crap, I'm horrible at those...
If you follow the instructions, a retarded monkey could do it. Provided of course; that retarded monkey knew math and was a literate typer.

WereBob wrote:
Would it be at all possible to have a character that is more of a "computer virus" or the like, (it sounds as if this is done electronically), than a real person?
I suppose, but you'd have to somehow write that into your bio, make it intelligent and convincing.

Name: Alexander Chisholm
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Appearance: He is extremely pale, [from rarely leaving his lightlacking basement] and wears the same clothes everyday, [due to his obsessive nature he bought 50 of each article, so go figure]. He wears a black shirt, with a pair of starched blue jeans, as well as a jean jacket, sunglasses, and a baseball cap.
To get to the point, he tries to hide the fact that he himself is wimpy, by trying to look biker gang badass; but as anyone can plainly point out... stuff like that doesn't work.
Bio/History: A less than regular kid, who lives in his basement, with his computers all hooked up to a massive server, where he constantly mods, and trains with his character.
Since he was young, he's always had an interest in technology, first starting off with playing video games, to making his own. Then when he saved enough to by a blank character, he immediately got to work.
Character Name: Snow Taradien [Technical]
Character Appearance: Fox Tail, Fox Ears, and oversized wings that look like they are from a raven, as they are as black as the night sky. He wears Golden Samurai Garb. He wears a sheath for his sword on his right hip. ~ Wields: Mutsunokami His height is 5’3’’, weight is 137 lbs.
He has unnaturally blue eyes, blond hair, and his fur is somewhere between silver and white.
Blizzard fist ~ Cost: 4500 + 100 HP Effect: A frozen fist, aimed directly at the opponants heart. Freezing, if not death, occurs on contact.
Ultima ~ Cost: 5000 + 500 HP Effect: A massive explosive releasive of energy. It is deadly to both the user and the target. Incidentally it is easy to destroy the terrain as well when using this attack.
Hadouken Storm ~ Cost: 1000 Effect: He force his right hand forward, and hundreds of small balls of blue fire shoot forward.
Ice Hadouken ~ Cost: 0 Effect: A ball of blue flame, that freezes things upon contact.
Kitsune Cross ~ Cost: 4000 + 100 HP Effect: An illousory attack, where the target is enveloped in darkness, then is surrounded by hundreds of illousory copies.
Tempest ~ Cost: 2000 Effect: A flurry of the blade, that is virtually impossible to dodge.
Icicle Impalement ~ Cost: 3000 Effect: The user creates a barrier of ice around himself, then destroys it, sending shards flying in all directions.
Eight Blades: ~ Cost: 4000 [ If it misses, the user is dropped to 1 hp] Effect: The eight of the order of Angelis, as well as the eight soul bladers appear to aid Snow, in a do or die attack.
Pendant Awaken: ~ Cost: The pendant awakens Snow's dark side, and he transforms into a much eviler version of himself, his wings grow larger, fangs and claws grow, and his strength is doubled, unfortunately his speed is dropped by 200 points.
HP: 1500
PL: 5000
ATK: 1050
DEF: 800
DGE: 800
SPD: 1000
AIM: 800
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PostSubject: Re: Saint's Tournament   Saint's Tournament Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 11:25 pm

How should we base what is spent on abilities, and how do we go about making static abilities? Or can we even have static abilities?
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Snow Taradien
Snow Taradien

Male Number of posts : 1594
Age : 25
Location : On the Scarred wasteland that is Terrago.
Post Points : 6027
Registration date : 2008-11-26

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Race:: Angelis
Element:: Dark
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PostSubject: Re: Saint's Tournament   Saint's Tournament Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 11:07 am

Well, to create abilities, the more powerful the attack the more problems and hindrances the attack should deal to the user.

As for Static abilities, as in abilities that you can always use without cost, you can make as many as you want.

All abilities you come up with are permanent and you cannot add new ones without upgrading your character to either dark or evil.
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PostSubject: Re: Saint's Tournament   Saint's Tournament Icon_minitime

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Saint's Tournament
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